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Raise Drilling

RUC is regarded as the industry leader in this specialised area, having extensive experience across the widest range of conditions.

With a large fleet of raise boring equipment suitable for every situation, RUC is in a unique position to deliver the most effective solutions, whether raise drilling of vertical shafts, or vertical and inclined drilling of boxholes.

Applications include

  • Pilot hole reaming for shaft sinking
  • Escape rises
  • Ore passes
  • Ventilation shafts
  • Borehole hoisting


There are few innovations that have given miners as many benefits as modern raise drilling. By reaming rather than blasting, smooth-walled bores are created that may need little or no ground support. Diameters can range from 0.66m to over six meters, with pinpoint accuracy delivered up to 1,000m in depth.

​The implications for safety and manning levels are just as impressive. By using non-entry methods, no personnel enter the hole during boring, no blasting takes place and there is limited exposure to falling rocks or harmful exhaust fumes. With only two operators generally required per shift, cost benefits are obvious: raise drilling is by far the safest and most cost-effective approach to creating vertical and sub-vertical openings in mines and construction projects.

Large Diameter Holes

RUC Mining holds the record for the largest completed raise drilling excavation in Australia of 930m at 6m diameter.

We are the leading contractor in the industry when it comes to drilling long raises at large diameters

Accuracy & Precision

RUC Mining constantly strives to create new industry benchmarks for accuracy and precision in raise drilling.
Short holes < 350 metres are generally drilled using standard tri cone drilling techniques where accuracies of 1% are achievable.

1 RB01 Wirth HG330 SP Raise Drills 6000 mm 1000 mtr
4 RB20/21/23/24 Strata 960 R Raise Drill 6300 mm + 1200 mtr
1 RB17 Strata 950 R Raise Drill 6000 mm 1000 mtr
1 RB15 Strata 850 R Raise Drill 6000 mm 850 mtr
2 RB02/07 Robbins 85R Raise Drills 5500 mm 500 mtr
1 RB25 Strata 400 Multi-Purpose Raise and Box hole borer 3500 mm 100 mtr
1 RB22 Strata 150 Multi-Purpose Raise / Boxhole Borer 1800 mm 100 mtr
2 RB26/27 Strata 80 Boxhole boring machine, rods and reamers 1100 mm 75 mtr
2 RB10/14 RBM 7 SP Raise Drills 4000 mm 250 mtrs
1 RB08 Robbins 53R Multi-Purpose Raise and Box-hole Borer 1800 mm 100 mtrs
1 RB03 Robbins 71R Raise Drill 2400 mm 300 mtrs
2 RB04/16 low profile Robbins 61R Raise Drills 1500 mm 100 mtrs

Most Recent Projects

St Ives GoldGoldfields MiningBoxhole and escapewaysongoing
Golden Grove Boxhole Escape WorksEMR Golden GroveBoxhole and escapeways approximately 250m/monthongoing
Waroonga/ Agnew RB16Agnew Gold Mining Company Pty LtdEscapewaysongoing
George Fisher 6800N Raiseboring and Shaft LiningMount Isa Mines Glencore AustraliaVentilation shafts ranging between 750m and 400m deep at 5m and 4m diameterongoing
JundeeNorthern Star Resources LimitedVentilation shafts of 100 -200m deep at 5m diameter2021
RenisonBluestone ResourcesVentilation shafts of 500m deep at 5m diameterongoing
KCGMKalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Pty LtdVentilation shafts of 200m deep at 5m diameterongoing
Tropicana SlotsAngloGold AshantiBoxhole and escapeways approximately 120m/monthongoing
Dolinny Mine Kazzinc  2021
Cosmos OdysseusAustralian Nickel Investments Pty LtdHoisting and ventilation shafts ranging from 680m and 360m deep at 5.8m diameter2022
Tropicana AngloGold Ashanti In-pit Vent rise 1 x 250m at 5000mm dia & 1 x 250m at 2400mm dia, drill simultaneously 2019 
Venus Vent BHP LNO Surface Vent rise, RVDS pilot drill 1 x 700 m at 5000mm dia & numerous internal 3000mm raises2019-2021 
Dacian Gold Mt Morgans Slot raising in 4m x 4m drives with specially built Strata 80 Borers 2019-2020 
De Grussa Sandfire Boxhole and Escape raises 120m / month ongoing
Golden Grove EMR Golden Grove Surface Vent rise 1 x 370m at 4500mm dia & internal raises, 3 x 300m at 4500mm 2019-2020 
Savanah Nickel Panoramic Surface Vent rise 1 x 900 at 5000mm dia & 2 x UG extensions, 150m at 4000mm dia 2019-2020 
Sunrise Dam Anglo Gold Underground, 3 x 220m at 5500mm dia 2018-2019 
Rubicon EKJV Underground, 120m at 5000mm dia 2018 
Agnew Gold Goldfields 1 x 360 meters @ 4500mm dia vent raise 2020 
Callie TEP 2 Newmont Hoisting shaft, RVDS pilot drill, Surface 765m at 6430mm dia & UG extension (RVDS) 656m at 6430mm dia. 2020-2021 
St Barbara Gwalia RVDS pilot drill, Surface raise, 2 x 925m at 5000mm dia plus U/G extensions 1 x 350m & 560m at 5000mm dia2018-2020 
Wallaby VR 8 Goldfields Surface in-pit raise, RVDS pilot drill, 2 x 245m x 4500mm dia 2018-2019 
Jundee Northern Star Raise Drill surface and U/G Vent raises totalling 550m at 5000mm dia 2017 
Nova IGO / Barminco Sink and Raise Drill 3 x ventilation systems at 5500mm diameter including internal raises and escapeways2017-2019 
Karari Saracen Gold Slot and escapeways raising, est 1000 metres per annum 2017 

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Nick Maguire Manager Mechanised Mining and Raise Boring

Nick Maguire

Manager Mechanised Mining and Raise Boring

Since 1996, Nick’s career to date has predominantly involved underground metalliferous mining.
His experience gained during this time has been from the ground up, having spent years working underground at the ‘coal face’ through to statutory and senior management positions on site and at corporate head offices. This has given Nick an in depth knowledge of all aspects associated with underground mining.

Tracey Chan

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Tracey is a CPA qualified Accountant with over 22 years’ experience, 9 of which have been with RUC Mining Contractors as Financial Controller.  Prior to her tenure with RUC Mining, she worked in various industries including engineering and construction, property and telecommunications across Perth, Melbourne and London.  Tracey leads the Finance, Procurement, and supply chain functions, supporting internal and external stakeholders, while also managing company secretarial obligations for RUC Mining and its subsidiaries.

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