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Boxhole Boring

With safe boring techniques an imperative in underground mine development, boxhole boring provides a mechanised, non-entry solution for the excavation of stope slot rises, ore rises, through passes and ventilation passes.

Sometimes access to the upper level is limited or not possible, the boxhole boring machine sits at the lower level, and a raise is bored upward. Cuttings fall under gravity and are deflected from the machine using a muck chute.

RUC has a range of drills available to complete boxhole boring safely and quickly, with a capability of up to 50 m in length and 1.5 m in diameter. Boring can be completed with or without a pre-drilled pilot hole, either vertically or inclined down to 45° from the vertical. Our game-changing range of drills allows us to complete boxhole boring up to 60m in length and 1.5m in diameter quickly and safely.

St Ives Gold Goldfields Mining Boxhole and escapeways ongoing
Golden Grove Boxhole Escape Works EMR Golden Grove Boxhole and escapeways approximately 250m/month ongoing
Tropicana Slots AngloGold Ashanti Boxhole and escapeways approximately 120m/month ongoing
Dacian Gold Mt Morgans Slot raising in 4m x 4m drives with specially built Strata 80 Borers 2019-2020
De Grussa Sandfire Boxhole and Escape raises 120m / month ongoing
Karari Saracen Gold Slot and escapeways raising, est 1000 metres per annum 2017

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Nick Maguire Manager Mechanised Mining and Raise Boring

Nick Maguire

Manager Mechanised Mining and Raise Boring

Since 1996, Nick’s career to date has predominantly involved underground metalliferous mining.
His experience gained during this time has been from the ground up, having spent years working underground at the ‘coal face’ through to statutory and senior management positions on site and at corporate head offices. This has given Nick an in depth knowledge of all aspects associated with underground mining.

Tracey Chan

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Tracey is a CPA qualified Accountant with over 22 years’ experience, 9 of which have been with RUC Mining Contractors as Financial Controller.  Prior to her tenure with RUC Mining, she worked in various industries including engineering and construction, property and telecommunications across Perth, Melbourne and London.  Tracey leads the Finance, Procurement, and supply chain functions, supporting internal and external stakeholders, while also managing company secretarial obligations for RUC Mining and its subsidiaries.

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