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What is "The RUC Way"?

The RUC way is about being different – it’s about challenging expectations, and exceeding them.

It’s about being true to our values, and delivering on them every day.
If you’re a client of ours or working with us, you’ll see the RUC Way everyday – whether its our commitments to Safety, Quality, and the Environment, or our commitment to supporting RUC employees with their everyday lives, the RUC Way is ingrained in every action, every milestone, and every outcome.

RUC Safe - Together to Zero Harm

RUC SAFE starts and ends with culture, passion and a steadfast belief in the achievement of Zero Harm.

RUC operates an Integrated Management System that encompasses policies, management plans, training manuals, procedures, protocols and other documentation to support the delivery of safe project execution.

RUC is committed to:

  • Sustain and have systems and processes in place that move RUC beyond legislative compliance and compliance with ISO 45001 and AS/NZS 4801
  • Proactively identifying and addressing hazards and risks
  • Maintain and safe and healthy workplace
  • Strive for innovation and continuous improvement
  • Actively engage and communicate with our people and treat everyone like family

RUC Quality

RUC is committed to maintaining and enhancing the reputation of RUC Mining as an industry leader in providing services to the Mining Industry which fully meet our Clients requirements and expectations and comply with relevant regulations codes and standards.

The quality of the products and services we deliver is of utmost importance to our organisation.

RUC is committed to:

  • Deliver added value to our clients by identifying monitoring and responding to their needs expectations and level of satisfaction;
  • Set measurable targets and seek to continually improve the product quality and delivery of our services’
  • Ensure RUC Mining management systems are aligned with the ISO 9001 principles and is integrated into our business activities;
  • Continually review and improve the effectiveness of the RUC Mining Quality Management Systems;

In providing quality services we will embrace new ideas, technology and innovations. we will strive for continuous improvement, setting new benchmarks to maintain our strong reputation as a industry leader.

RUC Environment

RUC is committed to environmental stewardship and the operation of our Environmental Management System to ensure we understand and manage the potential risks and impacts of our activities on the environment.

RUC is committed to:

  • Sustain and have systems and processes in place that move RUC beyond legislative compliance
  • Establish sound environmental objectives and targets
  • Continually measure, assess and strive to minimise the impact of our activities and operations on environment
  • Conserve natural resources such as water, energy and other raw materials by promoting pollution prevention, recycling and reuse
  • Continually seek opportunities to improve our environmental stewardship
  • Communicate our commitment to our employees, suppliers and clients and encourage their active involvement in environmental stewardship
  • Build and foster an environmental sustainability culture within our business

RUC Delivery

Shaft Sinking Photo with Crane RHS

RUC Delivery

With a passion for using innovative technology, we deliver on the desired outcomes for your project. We promise what we deliver, and we deliver what we promise – always to your expectations.

RUC is committed to:

  • RUC will ensure that the Project Management Plan is adhered to
  • We will utilize our in house bespoke data capturing and monitoring software to improve the performance of your operations
  • Use technology were appropriate to assist with gaining more time at the face or improving operational efficiencies 

RUC For Life

Industry-leading financial benefits, cutting-edge training and support, with a focus on developing the future of mining.

RUC is committed to:

RUC for Life Miners Underground Smiling

Safety First

We’re proud to say that since 2012 we’ve averaged at a minimum, half the industry average lost time injury rate.

Proven Track Record

In 26 years we’ve never failed to complete a project. And we’ve never litigated or been prosecuted.

World Leaders

We pioneered RVDS technology, which in simple terms means, we can drill to 0.01% accuracy.

More Mechanised Metres

Over the last 2 years we’ve installed over 2 million metres of permanent cable bolts on a single job – that’s 100,000m per month.

Look no Further

Mechanised mining, Shaft sinking, Large excavations, Underground construction, Specialist ground support, Boxhole boring, Raise drilling.

Breaking New Ground

Like the whole of mine, whole of fleet real-time tracking system we’re the first underground mining contractor in the world to implement, step changing safety and productivity.

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Nick Maguire Manager Mechanised Mining and Raise Boring

Nick Maguire

Manager Mechanised Mining and Raise Boring

Since 1996, Nick’s career to date has predominantly involved underground metalliferous mining.
His experience gained during this time has been from the ground up, having spent years working underground at the ‘coal face’ through to statutory and senior management positions on site and at corporate head offices. This has given Nick an in depth knowledge of all aspects associated with underground mining.

Tracey Chan

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Tracey is a CPA qualified Accountant with over 22 years’ experience, 9 of which have been with RUC Mining Contractors as Financial Controller.  Prior to her tenure with RUC Mining, she worked in various industries including engineering and construction, property and telecommunications across Perth, Melbourne and London.  Tracey leads the Finance, Procurement, and supply chain functions, supporting internal and external stakeholders, while also managing company secretarial obligations for RUC Mining and its subsidiaries.

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