With the widest range of technical skills and expertise gained throughout the Asia-Pacific region, RUC Mining is ideally placed to deliver the full range of civil, mechanical, electrical, structural and installation services for all underground mining projects.


Underground construction is a highly specialised area where safe work practices and detailed planning are non-negotiable. The work is distinguished by the requirement to achieve pinpoint accuracy first time, usually in time critical environments where the quality of the excavation is paramount. Whether the client requirements are the installation of internal hoists, electrical substations, ventilation fan systems or the construction of sophisticated ore handling and conveyance systems, RUC Mining brings exceptional skills and value to the operation.

Cadia Crushed Ore Bin
Freeport GBC Shaft
Freeport - Indonesia
Freeport - Indonesia
Construction of the soft zone steel liners in GBC Block Cave Panel 26
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Freeport - Indonesia