Effective ground support is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring the ongoing viability of underground mines – it follows therefore that operators must extract the maximum performance from every system component. As one of the largest installers of cable bolts in the world, RUC Mining is at the forefront of specialist ground support providers, helping clients to achieve productivity gains, whilst ensuring that safety is never compromised.

Operating with a fleet of specialised ground support and service machines, RUC Mining is able to install, tension and pressure grout all types of ground support, whether cable bolts, resin bolts, split sets, grouted dowels, steel straps or mesh.

Together with the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, InCycle Shotcrete, RUC Mining also delivers remote high-quality shotcrete and concrete solutions, either sprayed directly or as part of an integrated system over mesh and rockbolts.

In moving to eliminate hazards, RUC Mining has embraced the adoption of full and semi-mechanised systems for bolting and spraying. With both high and low profile machines, holes are drilled and bolted in rapid sequence in accordance with mine plans. The company’s remote spray units (including vertical shaft spray units) have gained rapid acceptance within the industry by eliminating the need for personnel to enter shafts or unsupported drives, thereby helping miners reach productivity targets in an environment of enhanced worker safety.

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Specialist Ground Support Projects:

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