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We don’t just train our staff; we ensure whole communities benefit from our operations.


Our policy of nationalisation up-skills, our national labour force through skills transfer as well as training and mentorship so we leave communities much stronger than when we entered.

In the past 5 years our operations in Indonesia and Mongolia have successfully issued over 1,100 operator certificates to our national workforce, with drillers independently managing their own teams within only 18 months. This is backed by our mentorship and counterpart training program which in over 5 years has delivered nearly 100% national skilled operator complement at our Freeport projects.

We believe this policy benefits everyone we work with, just as importantly helps the communities in which they live.

RUC Operator Training.

RUC currently employ > 45 trained raise drill operators, that have completed the Australian Cert 3 trades accreditation for Raise Drillers and a greater number of trainee drillers.

The continuing training program provides for skills upgrading, continued evaluation and assessing to assist personnel develop their skills and achieve higher driller competency status.

Trainee Raise drillers are employed to assist the drillers and complete on the job driller training (Apprenticeships) while being continuously monitored by Area Managers certified as trainers and assessors.