We’ve sunk and equipped some of the world’s largest diameter shafts, in the harshest conditions on earth.


Shafts are a core component of many underground mining operations—an activity that sits squarely in the critical path of the project manager’s schedule. Traditionally, it has always been one of the most challenging of operations, and for that reason it remains the preserve of specialist contractors like RUC Mining. 

RUC brings a huge range of experience and expertise to the discipline, gained from sinking and equipping some of the largest diameter shafts in the world, often in the harshest conditions. From the remote highlands of Papua to the technically challenging urban landscapes of Hong Kong, our turnkey solution for shaft projects delivers a final constructed hoisting solution that gets your high-risk projects done with a minimum of fuss. Utilising all our core skills, our extensive fleet of equipment and unmatched experience, we take all the headaches out of your biggest shaft sinking challenges. 

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