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Cadia Hill Gold Mine | Crushed Ore Bin

The Cadia Hill Gold Mine is made up of the Cadia East underground panel cave mine and the Ridgeway underground mine. See more information here


Scope of Works
  • The Cadia Hill Gold Mine Excavation and support of a 6.5m dia x 34m deep Crushed Ore Bin and civil construction and installation of bin and rail liners, including:
  • Engineering, Design and Methodology developed by RUCC specifically for the Cadia Hill Gold Mine
  • Excavation and construction of shaft collar – 7mW x 7mL x 2mD
  • Strip and Line crane sink to -34m depth and concrete line to a finished diameter of 6.5m
  • Installation of temporary ground support through 8m breakthrough round
  • Installation of first 3 x bin liners at the Cadia Hill Gold Mine (flanged) at combined weight of ~25t utilising RUC Mining and Wilshaw designed supporting frame installed on the shaft collar
  • Place scribing and concrete pouring to lock bin liners in place
  • Installing remaining bin liners in 3m lifts while pouring concrete infill between liner and shaft wall
  • Installing rail mats inside bin liners and weld nuts to lock in place


Underground Mining Jobs in Orange NSW
Client:Newcrest Mining Ltd
Location:Cadia East - Orange, NSW
Contract Duration:3 months
Safety Statistics:0.0 LTIFR

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Nick Maguire Manager Mechanised Mining and Raise Boring

Nick Maguire

Manager Mechanised Mining and Raise Boring

Since 1996, Nick’s career to date has predominantly involved underground metalliferous mining.
His experience gained during this time has been from the ground up, having spent years working underground at the ‘coal face’ through to statutory and senior management positions on site and at corporate head offices. This has given Nick an in depth knowledge of all aspects associated with underground mining.

Tracey Chan Finance Controller and Company Secretary

Tracey Chan

Finance Controller and Company Secretary

Tracey is a CPA qualified Accountant with 16 years’ experience working in various industries, including telecommunications, engineering and construction, professional services and the property sector. She started her career in Perth with Gascoine Group and VDM Engineering and Construction, before moving to London to work for City of London Telecom. Tracey joined RUC in 2014 and manages the day-to-day finance function, supporting internal and external business stakeholders, Project Managers and The Board of Directors.

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