Raise Drilling

Cadia Vent Shaft

Cadia Vent Shaft


Scope of Works

Directionally Drill and Ream 930m @ 6m diameter vent shaft.

  • Excavation and construction of a concrete collar to 5.0 metres below surface.
  • Rig up raisebore machine and RVDS (Rotary Vertical Drilling System) pilot drill from surface to breakthrough at -930m with a 1% limit of accuracy.
  • Assemble and install reaming head to drill rods
  • Ream at 6.0m from breakthrough to surface
  • Remove reaming head at surface by securing to support beams
  • De rig raisebore machine
  • Very high accuracy required on the pilot drilling which was achieved by the use of the RVDS unit. Total hole deviation was under 1.01 m over the 930m or a deviation at breakthrough of only 0.11% from design

Newcrest Mining | Cadia Vent Shaft

Project Highlights

  • The completion of this raisebore shaft by RUC sets another new Australian record for large diameter raisebored holes, and becomes the third largest raisebored shaft worldwide.
  • Project completed on time and on budget.