Mechanised Mining Machine

Operators face a number of challenges as they strive to exploit ever deeper and more complex orebodies. Realistic development and extraction rates must be achieved, whilst ensuring that the quest for an incident-free safety record is in no way compromised. For this reason, mine owners are increasingly turning to the more highly mechanised mining solutions, as offered by RUC Mining. 

Mechanised mining offers the best of both worlds—rapid development with faster access to new reserves, and far fewer personnel involved at the active face. It means that owners can be generating revenue earlier in the life of the mine, whilst enjoying the productivity, cost and safety enhancements that mechanised mining brings.


By working with RUC Mining, owners profit from the increased efficiency of modern, technologically advanced equipment, together with the expertise of a highly-skilled workforce. The company has been heavily involved in providing skilled operators throughout Asia-Pacific and into Southern Africa. These personnel bring with them years of experience in developing and achieving highly effective and productive mining operations to optimise the benefits that come from mechanised mining.

Mechanised Mining Projects: