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Scope of Works

Vertical excavation works for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme 2A (HATS 2A), including;

  • Blind sinking 4 shafts ranging from 8m to 12.5m diameter to a depth of 180 metres, establishing off shaft drives and Raise drilling of 7 pipe shafts from surface to underground

  • Designing and fabrication of shaft mucking system to WA Mining Regulations standards to suit both the initial shaft excavation and subsequent tunnel waste rock removal

  • Shaft sinking by hand held methods to a depth of 180m below surface

  • PEG (Pre Excavation Grouting) to 70 bar undertaken systematically during shaft and tunnel advance to prevent water inflows

  • Off shaft development to establish hoisting system and tunnel rail systems

  • Installation of shaft steel work, services and ventilation ducts

  • Housing all operations within a sound attenuating enclosure

  • Installing and commissioning automated hoisting system for tunnel rock extraction.

Client:  Gammon Construction | Drainage Services Division 
Location: Hong Kong
Contract Duration: 4 years
Safety Statistics: 1.21 LTIFR