Client:  St Barbara Mining
Location: Leonora
Contract Duration: 2 years
Safety Statistics: 0.0 LTIFR

Scope of Works

  • RUCC Raisebore has completed 2 x surface vent raises each being 900+m x 5.0m diameter and 1 x UG hole @ 305m x 5.0m diameter.  

  • In August 2019 RB17 commenced the 4th UG hole (VR6B) 525m x 5.0m diameter

  • Pilot hole completed with RVDS drilling (rotational vertical drilling system) with less the 1% deviation

  • Reamer attached and commenced reaming late October 2019

  • We have encountered some difficult reaming condition at 60m up

  • Currently working with SBM to work through his difficult zone

  • RUCC has been awarded another 160m x 5.0m diameter vent raise which will commence Feb 2020