Scope of Works

Phase 1 – Design, provision, installation and commissioning of equipment to perform the Works.

Phase 2 – Shaft Lining, Access Drive and Shaft Pocket establishment and Shaft Bottom Steelwork Installation.

The project works included:

  • Mobilisation and demobilisation of all equipment required to perform the works

  • Preparation of submissions and documentation to enable approval from the Department of Natural Resources and Mining (DNRM)

  • Underground establishment of sinking equipment in u/g blind heading excavated for raise drilling

  • Concrete lining of the lower portion of the L72 shaft, 250mm thick (approximately 393m vertical of lining, at 5.84m finished diameter)

  • Excavation of breakthroughs into two access drives and establishment of the brows

  • Installation of shaft bottom steelwork (80t) and mechanical items

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