Freeport GBC Shaft_edited.jpg

Scope of Works

Shaft excavation by raise drill strip and line method. The GBC Service Shaft is an 8.5 meter diameter internal, circular, concrete-lined, vertical shaft, fitted with a large double-deck service cage running on tubular steel guides supported by standard buntons on 6.0-meter vertical spacing. The shaft is 353 meters in length, extending from the floor of the headgear room to the shaft bottom. There is a single conveyance in the shaft, running in cage-and-counterweight configuration, a manway, and pipe, electrical, and communications utilities on brackets. The Project included;

  • Excavation, construction, and furnishing of the Grasberg Block Cave (GBC) Service Shaft, including four stations

  • Installation of the GBC Service Shaft permanent hoisting system, (2,500 hp Modified Blair) and construction of the associated shaft stations and related facilities

  • Mobilisation, setup, teardown and demobilisation of the Contractor’s temporary plant forsinking the shaft.

  • HV & LV power supply, shaft control cabling, communication cabling including fibre optic, sensors, video, instrumentation wiring, installation of permanent conveyances, ropes safety devices and fire water services

  • Wet and dry commissioning of the entire permanent facility and handover to PTFI

Client: PT Freeport | Grazberg Block Cave
Location: Freeport GBC West Papua
Contract Duration: 5 years
Safety Statistics: 0.0 LTIFR