Snowy Hydro
Burrungubugge Intake Shaft


Scope of Works

Designing, supplying, installing, commissioning and operating an Access System to enable the Repair Works to be undertaken. This includes:

  1. a multiple level work stage and man cage, both of which are independently lowered/raised within the Shaft;

  2. a winding system (including winches, headframe, ropes, sheaves and attachments);

  3. an operator control room (including necessary controls, communication and safety system indicators);

  4. shaft doors and cage access platforms;

  5. a catenary cable, winch, sheaves and a clamping system for support of services to the work stage


Taking over Management & Control of the fenced Construction Site only, including being “Principal Contractor” for the Repair Works and implementing the WHSMP.

Client:  Snowy Hydro Limited
Location: New South Wales
Contract Duration: 12 months
Safety Statistics: 0.0 LTIFR