BOXHOLE BORING2017-10-10T10:37:14+00:00

Our game-changing range of drills allows us to complete boxhole boring up to 60m in length and 1.5m in diameter quickly and safely. Fact.

Our team have taken the best machines in the world and applied enhanced capabilities and technical improvement to make them truly unbeatable. Take the RB25 Strata 400, a combination drill design capable of completing 60m x 1.5m blind boxholes and 100m x 3m conventional raises, improving productivity and reducing cost by making it possible to create ventilation extensions and slot raises with a single machine – and our soon to be released Strata 80 dedicated boxhole drill, designed for 4m x 4m excavations with no concrete pad.

Add to that our in-house capability, which can provide absolute guarantees around rig availability and slot raise development, along with a no claim situation to deliver certainty and cost savings and you can see why we are the industry leader.