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Scope of Works

Turnkey contract to undertake full scope of operations for the Big Gossan Mine by means of mechanized longhole open stoping with paste fill;

  • All underground development including excavation of ore and waste headings for declines and inclines and the rehabilitation of existing areas,
    with over 20,000 metres of advance in three years, which is over 500 metres development advance per month.

  • Installation of all temporary and permanent ground support including cable bolts, resin bolts, split sets and mesh and shotcrete

  • All facets of production including drilling, production charging and blasting, raise drilling slots, and conventional and tele remote loading

  • Production drilling of approximately 350,000 metres of 89mm blast holes

  • Trucking of ore from ore pass chutes to the rock breakers

  • Placing of backfill paste into mined out stopes, including building barricades and installing pipework

  • All underground construction including that of ore pass grizzlies, truck loading chutes, and escapeways

  • Hoisting 7,000t of ore per day, this equates to 640,000 tonnes per quarter

  • All operations and maintenance of the Big Gossan shaft system

  • Provision of electrical, survey, engineering and maintenance services to support the operation

Client:  PT Freeport | Big Gossan
Location: Grasberg, West Papua
Contract Duration: 3 years
Safety Statistics: 0.0 LTIFR