RUC Cementation commitment to training spans more than two decades, it has been one of the driving forces behind our success.

We have invested heavily in our safety and training programs. With an extensive safety and training facility at our head office in Kalgoorlie and dedicated safety and training personnel allocated to each project we strive to deliver the highest quality training possible.

Working as a unified team, the training department contributes to the safe and secure work environment of RUC Mining by providing employees with the tools and training necessary for job excellence and career advancement.

All training conducted complies with or exceeds the relevant industry standard in the country we are working in and is a competency based training system. Consistency is achieved across the organisation through compliance with both AS/NZ4801 and OHSAS 18001. Training for operators positions is determined with application of our training needs analysis/skills matrix for each position.

We are committed to the up-skilling of our national labour force through skills transfer, training and mentorship so that our policy of nationalization is achieved. In the past 5 years our operations in Indonesia have successfully issued over 1,100 operator certificates to our national workforce. Our mentorship and successor training program has already borne fruit, with the highlight being the appointment of a national senior manager and National Safety Superintendent at our Freeport operations.

Having recently successfully trained Mongolian and Indonesian nationals we have again clearly illustrated our commitment to the development of our national workforces on our international projects. With only 18 months of training our national drillers are independently managing their own teams on 6m raisedrill projects.   All training material is aligned to a nationally accredited Metaliferrous Mining Certificate III level. Training material is translated into Indonesian (Bahasa) and Mongolian.

The majority of our raise drill operators have completed the Australian Certificate III National accreditation for Raise Drillers. The company policy of providing a minimum of two persons per shift  provides  for  continuous  on  the  job  training,  skills upgrading,  evaluation  and  assessment  to  provide  future  drillers.  Trainee Drillers are continuously monitored by Area and Project Managers who are certified as Trainers and Assessors.  Our training centre has a permanent drill rig set up for entry level training, to hone skills and allow trainees to learn in a safe, controlled environment.

Similarly with training on other equipment we have aligned our training materials with nationally accredited standards in partnership with Trainwest,  a registered training organisation (RTO:-51807).  We can therefore undertake training in house for high risk works including working at height, forklift and risk management and hazard identification. Where required external providers are engaged to undertake specialty nationally accredited training of our workforce, including rigging, dogging, certificate IV TAE.

Training is re-enforced with task observations at a rate of one per 1,250 manhours worked per month.


The objectives of our RTO partnership with Trainwest aims to:

  • ensure integrity and quality of training and assessment by meeting VQF standards;
  • ensure national training and assessment arrangements meet industry requirements