Shaft Sinking

Shafts are a core component of many underground mining operations – an activity that sits squarely in the critical path of the project manager’s schedule. Traditionally, it has always been one of the most challenging of operations, and for that reason it remains the preserve of specialist contractors like RUC Mining.

Challenges include restricted working space, tight timelines, underground water ingress, rigorous design and QA/QC requirements, together with geotechnical considerations, all of which have the potential to impact on the success or failure of the operation. Risks associated with the activity comprise not only schedule and cost, but also safety – particularly the risk of falls. As a result, modern techniques focus on improved safety and risk mitigation.

RUC Mining brings a huge range of experience and expertise to the discipline, gained from sinking and equipping some of the largest diameter shafts in the world, often in the harshest of conditions. The company has sunk shafts in environments ranging from the remote highlands of Papua, Indonesia to the dense conurbation of Hong Kong. RUC Mining provides a turnkey solution for shaft projects, utilising other core skills of the business to deliver a final constructed hoisting solution.

Conventional shaft sinking equipment includes large and small head frames, kibbles, sinking stages, electric hydraulic and DC winders and hoists, pneumatic sinking jumbos, cactus grabs, etc. 

RUC Cementation Mining Contractors have  participated in the following large shaft projects:

  • The HATS project in Hong Kong where 4 blind sink shafts were excavated through backfill, marine sediments and granite, all within close proximity to Victoria harbour.
  • Grasberg service shaft in Indonesia.
  • The Telfer haulage shaft in a joint venture for the Newcrest Mining group. This was completed on time, on budget with no days lost through injury & is currently the largest shaft by volume completed in WA.
  • The Enterprise Shaft for Mt Isa Mines and
  • The Bounty Shaft development

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