Underground Construction/ Shaft Sinking


Cadia Crushed Ore Bin


Scope of Works

Excavation and support of a 6.5m dia x 34m deep Crushed Ore Bin and civil construction and installation of bin and rail liners, including:

  • Engineering, Design and Methodology developed by RUCC
  • Excavation and construction of shaft collar – 7mW x 7mL x 2mD
  • Strip and Line crane sink to -34m depth and concrete line to a finished diameter of 6.5m
  • Installation of temporary ground support through 8m breakthrough round
  • Installation of first 3 x bin liners (flanged) at combined weight of ~25t utilising RUC Mining and Wilshaw designed supporting frame installed on the shaft collar
  • Place scribing and concrete pouring to lock bin liners in place
  • Installing remaining bin liners in 3m lifts while pouring concrete infill between liner and shaft wall
  • Installing rail mats inside bin liners and weld nuts to lock in place

Newcrest Mining Ltd | Cadia Vent Shaft
3 Months


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