Large excavations

The successful installation of static underground equipment such as crushers, rockbreakers, conveyors and associated storage areas depends principally on the quality of the preceding excavation work and the related ground support. Unlike advancing a decline for truck haulage, large excavations are civil engineering projects, and require the same disciplines that pertain to sophisticated above ground constructions.

Because of the company’s total commitment to engineering excellence, RUC Mining has been awarded a number of large projects within Australia and overseas. Excavations have been created for the installation of facilities such as crushing stations, ore bins, loading stations, hoists, workshops and pumping stations. Prior to excavation, the company reviews the design specifications to select the correct choice of technique, whether handheld or mechanised, to meet the required excavation tolerances.

RUC Mining understands that to ensure subsequent construction activities progress without delay, all work must be completed to a high degree of accuracy. Design tolerances are invariably tight, so supervisors demand rigorous adherence to the design plan, and survey and review operations constantly. Combined with the specialist ground support expertise that RUC Mining brings to a project, the end product achieves full compliance to all specifications. It means that clients can enjoy the quality and schedule benefits that come from a project that is ‘right first time’.