RUC Cementation’s expertise lies in the design and excavation of “ore body access” solutions. Our proven experience and technical skill set allows us to analyse, design, install and develop both vertical and decline shaft systems to any practical depth.

Our proven experience and technical skill set allows us to compete very effectively in the design and extraction of bulk excavations and general underground mining.

Our shaft sinking capability includes blind sinking and strip and line operations, allowing us to effectively offer a total solution from installing collars and excavating pre-sinks to the sinking and equipping of large diameter shafts in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

In addition RUC Cementation has extensive experience in underground construction. We have completed the bulk excavation and civil construction of rock tipples, crusher chambers, ore bins, apron feeders and transfer points as well as various other civil construction works, including the installation of pastefill pipelines, cables, etc. 

 Our international footprint and experience allows us to operate very effectively under some of the harshest mining, ore body morphology and climate conditions. The effectiveness of our safety, procurement, recruitment,  operating and planning methodologies have repeatedly proven themselves in areas such as West Papua / Indonesia and Mongolia. The restrictions and special challenges faced by our Hong Kong project demonstrated our ability to quickly adapt to new challenges.

Our operating ethos of forming “project partnerships” with our clients creates a collaborative atmosphere which ensures new challenges are resolved quickly.