Boxhole boring

With safe boring techniques an imperative in underground mine development, boxhole boring provides a mechanised, non-entry solution for the excavation of stope slot rises, ore rises, through passes and ventilation passes.

Where access to the upper level is limited or not possible, the boxhole boring machine sits at the lower level, and a raise is bored upward. Cuttings fall under gravity and are deflected from the machine using a muck chute.

RUC Mining has a range of drills available to complete boxhole boring safely and quickly, with a capability of up to 50 m in length and 1.5 m in diameter. Boring can be completed with or without a pre-drilled pilot hole, either vertically or inclined down to 45° from the vertical.

The RB22 Strata 150 Boxhole Borer is based on an upgraded Robbins 53R, with a number of enhanced capabilities and technical improvements. Built in just four months at RUC Mining’s workshop in Kalgoorlie, it requires a power source able to deliver approximately 250 kVA at 1000 volts.

The RB25 Strata 400 is a game-changing machine – a combination drill design capable of completing blind boxholes to a length of 60 m at a diameter of 1.5 m, whilst also able to drill 3m diameter conventional raises up to 100 m in length. Fitting inside a 4.5 m x 4.5 m envelope, and driven by a single power pack, this combination delivers exceptional flexibility, together with ease of set up and pull down. With a peak power requirement of only 315 kVA, the RB25 Strata 400 makes it possible to create ventilation extensions and slot holes with a single machine.

RB05 & RB08 Robbins 53R
Designed specifically for boxhole boring, these units are capable of drilling 1.5 m diameter blind boxholes to a length of 50 m. Based on the original Robbins unit, but extensively remodelled and improved by RUC Mining, they have recorded a total of over 4000 m of blind boxhole boring at sites throughout Australia. Sled-mounted, these units will take around 250 kVA at peak load.

Since February 2011, the RUC Mining boxhole boring fleet has worked on a number of minesites, including:
Athena, Western Australia
Caves Rock, Western Australia
Flying Fox, Western Australia
Frogs Legs, Western Australia
King of the Hill, Western Australia
Kulthor, Queensland
Sandfire Degrussa, Western Australia
Sunrise Dam, Western Australia
Wallaby, Western Australia

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